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The Secret Valley Nature Trail
Southcombe Farm is a haven for wildlife!  Together with Devon Wildlife Trust we have created a nature trail complete with hide, exclusively for our guests.  Depending on when you visit you can see all sorts of birds, animals and wild flowers.  Explore the farm and see what you can spot!  

5 Star Luxury - In The Hide!


  The Horse!
In the past we had many horses at Southcombe, today we have just one TG's Girl. You will find her in one of the fields with the sheep or the stables.  Jim is the horseman and before he retired bred many winners including the famous Group 1 Winner Borderlesscott.   If you would like to find out more about the horse or even see her up close just ask Jim when you get here!

5 Star Luxury - The Boy's, Dennis and George

Animal Feeding!
During the school holidays we invite our guests to help us with the morning feeding!  We have to feed the chickens, ducks, cats and of course the horse.  If you visit us in Spring there are also plenty of lambs!  

 5 Star Luxury - Bottle Feeding Lambs @ Easter


Children's Play Houses
The children's houses are located close to the tyre swing.  The ideal place for our guests to take their children for a few hours adventure!  Why not have a Teddy Bears Picnic over by the houses?

5 Star Luxury - The Play Houses!

The Tyre Swing!
This simple swing provides hours of fun for our younger and sometimes older guests!

5 Star Luxury - The Tyre Swing!


River Walking!
Put your wellies on and try and walk up the river without getting your feet wet!  It's a bit of a jungle adventure, but great fun!  If you are quiet and really early you may even see an otter!

5 Star Luxury - River Walking


Dam Building!
The River Deer runs through the farm and dam building is a popular activity for children and can prove addictive resulting in some big dams!  But will your dam survive the winter torrents?  Now there is a challenge!

 5 Star Luxury - Dam Building!



Reed Boat Racing!
Why not make some Reed Boats and race them down a section of the river! 
We can show you how to make them! 

5 Star Luxury - Reed Boats

Winter Sports!
Feed Bag Sledging!  For this extreme sport all you need is a dusting of snow or a hard frost on our hill!  Will you have the nerve to throw yourself off the side of the Secret Valley?

5 Star Luxury - Sledging!






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